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TIMMY Tim here. Little info from yours truly. Born in Germany, Military Brat, lived from states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and now here I am in the sunshine state of Florida. I came to Jacksonville for a change. To meet new people, start new careers and enjoy life to the fullest. The day I stepped on the beaches of Jax I knew I found my calling. Starting meeting new friends and having time of my life. Jaxbeachtv enter my life by asking me would this work. I said yes and bam here we are.

Jaxbeachtv what I'm bring to you is our night life not only at the beaches but all places in Jacksonville and exploring out to other cities here in Florida. I will cover the Jags when football season starts to bring Jaxbeachtv to the sport life of Jacksonville. As well few little extras that I can get too. Then last but not least. Traveling the world which I'm hoping to start doing very soon. Thank you my Jaxbeachtv family hoping to meet you out and about very soon!!

social media influencer Jacksonville nightlife Jax beach nightlife

Texas Tornado

Texas Tornado

 Travel, food and nightlife


I believe in bringing people together - whether it is over a good meal or to experience nighttime festivities. We are here to celebrate humanity, appreciate our friends and family all while enjoying our fabulous city #Duuuuuvaaaalll!! I mean no one makes it out alive; might as well enjoy it while we can right?!

Majored in psychology (don't worry - no judging - lol) and currently working at a doctor's office. I grew up in Dallas, Texas, hence my on-air name Texas Tornado. But I've lived in Florida for the passed 15 years and have made it my home. I have three beautiful kids that are my world and definitely keep me on my toes.

So let's eat, drink and be merry together! #LifeIsShort #MakeItSweet

And as always KEEP YOUR SHINE ON!!

social media influencer Jacksonville nightlife Jax beach nightlife

MR. 904

Mr 904

 Local scene correspondent 

I was born in Savannah, Georgia. Lived my youth life as an Army brat. I moved to Jacksonville in 2001. You can find me at every Jags game, season ticket holder, at concerts, at the beach or at the beach bars making new friends, taking a few shots and always bringing people together.  

social media influencer Jacksonville nightlife Jax beach nightlife

Hair Model

Hair Model

 Festival and nightlife correspondent 

I was born in Iowa and raised in Jacksonville since I was 2 years old. I remember the Gooney Golf Course on beach, so that pretty much makes me a native. You can find me surfing and day drinking, but never at the same time. I don't think legally anyone should know when I started showing up to the Beach Bars. I did move to Orlando and stayed 6 years for college and expert partying experience. So tune into me checking out Beach Festivals and maybe we can go surfing sometime. 

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