My Ugly Truth Podcast interviews JaxbeachTV

A popular podcast, My Ugly Truth Podcast recently sat down with Mr 904  Texas Tornado and found out the origin story of JaxbeachTV, what exactly we are doing and our future plans. Check it out and subscribe to My Ugly Truth Podcast on IHeartradio or your favorite podcast streaming service.

2018 JaxbeachTV Worldwide promotional tour


2018 brought us the official launch of JaxbeachTV and although we had done many things before this trip, it was our world wide promotional tour that allowed us to launch our brand world wide and bring our message to different continents, countries and people. JaxbeachTV took us on a 35,000 mile trip circumventing the globe, from Norway to China. They showed us the ancient world and monuments, and brought the shine to all the people they met, even met some JaxbeachTV fans from other countries along the way. 

Enjoy a video recap of that amazing trip and experience what it was like to travel around the world, visit 7 different countries in 16 days and see just how big and amazing our planet really is. This was the 1st of many trips and we have another round the world tour setting up for 2020, where our fans and viewers will be invited to come join the whole JaxbeachTV family, so be on the lookout for the announcement. Until then, enjoy and "Keep your shine on!"

jaxbeachTV 2018 year end review

 2018 was a great 1st year for JaxbeachTV. Catch the short glimpse to where we went to, the events we covered and get a preview of the some of our new cast right at the end. 

Divequest Epcot Center

Dive in with and explore 5.2 million gallons, over 50 different species and 6,000 fish at the Epcot Center DiveQuest.